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Back To School Weight Loss Chalenge

We are so excited to announce our most Popular Challenge YET.....South's BACK 2 SCHOOL CHALLENGE 🤯Our Challenge has been our most HIGHLY anticipated Challenge, so spots will fill up Fast!!To reserve your class spot inbox or text 956.215.0245 us with your class Time‼️Challenge Starts July 24. and ends August 11Class times Available/5:15 AM Monday -Friday6: 00 AM Monday -Friday8:30 AM Monday -Friday5:30 PM Monday -Friday6:30 PM Monday -Friday7:30 PM Monday-ThursdaySIGN UP BELOW : you get:✅ Detox & Meal Plans.✅ 30 Minute Instruction Based Hiit Training Sessions Monday-Friday✅ Live/Pre-recorded Online Classes .24/7 Access✅Accountability & Ongoing Support from our Trainers & Awesome Community.✅Nutrition/Supplement Guide✅15% OFF In HOUSE SupplementsAND the confidence of knowing you've got your fitness journey in control with a program THAT WORKS !‼


Peach Pump Saturday

Join us for our Peach Pump Classes! Saturday, July 22 8 am South's Boot CampGet ready to firm and sculpt your best ASS-ETS with our High Intensity Glute Focused Training. SHARE THIS with Your BOOTYFUL GYM BUDDY and make sure they don't miss out on the fun at South's Booty Camp! These 45 minutes will be the highlight of your day. Purchase Your Daily Pass for only $10. RESERVE TODAY Text #PEACHY to 956.251.0245 for more INFO.'s get those booties in shape! See you at Peach Pump Classes!


South’s Boot Camp is a great place!!!!!! The staff/trainers are very professional and will go above and beyond to help you reach your fitness goals. The trainers have a different HIIT workout everyday, so you never know what to expect. If you are ready to challenge yourself physically and mentally this is a great place to go!!!!!


South's Boot Camp is the perfect gym to help you lose weight. The trainers are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. They check up on you to make sure you are doing okay before, during, and after your workouts. They also make sure you are doing the exercises correct while working out. They make sure you are eating healthy and are always available if you need anything. They try to help in any way they can to make sure you reach your goal. If you need a gym to motivate you, this is the gym you need. The gym members are amazing too! They motivate each other every day. I’ve never experienced a gym like this before. I can honestly say I feel at home, and I absolutely recommend it.


Wonderful trainers that possess positive and motivating attitudes. They offer the 30 minute HIIT workout and are always willing to speak with members that need that extra guidance during their weight loss journey. The members themselves are an extraordinary group of people that encourage and motivate each other to succeed. South's Boot Camp is highly recommend.